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The family of the deceased has directed the funeral home to make the following webcast available for viewing to those persons who have been provided authorization via password.  The funeral home and its contractors will use reasonable commercial efforts to broadcast the services at the day and time requested by the family, but due to the possibility of technical, mechanical, electrical, and other problems beyond its reasonable control that may arise, the funeral home cannot guarantee the ability to do so.  The viewer is hereby notified that there is a risk that the recording and broadcasting contemplated herein may fail to occur due to circumstances beyond the control of the funeral home and its contractor, and as such, no family member or other person who wishes to view or participate in the funeral service contemplated herein should rely on this service as a substitute for actual attendance at the service.  The funeral home assumes no responsibility for the content of this webcast.  Viewing or copying all or any portion of this webcast without proper authorization is strictly prohibited.